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Combine the elegance of golf with the precision of billiards, only no club or cue, and no green. All you need is a carpet, and you can enjoy the game with up to four players.
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Each bowl is moulded with a bias which causes it to roll in a gentle curve thus allowing the ‘jack’ to be approached from either side, which makes for some very interesting play, indeed.

Available in 2.5″ and 2″ diameter sizes Banda bowls are biased to suit a playing area of between 3-6 metres in length (10-20 feet) and not less than 2 metres (6 feet) width, and we recommend that a flat pile carpet provides the ideal playing surface. Each set consists of four pairs of handed-polished compression moulded bowls, jack, mat and rules.
premium carpet bowls

Available sets

2.5″ set (code CB25/L)
Bowl diameter 2.5″ (6.35cm)
Weight 182gm
Packaged set weight 1.97kg

2″ set (code CB20)
Bowl diameter 2″ (5.08cm)
Weight 96gm
Packaged set weight 1kg
Bowl diameter 2.5″ (6.35cm)

Rules and a full description of the game

  1. The game may be played by 2, 3, or 4 persons. Each player has one pair of bowls, but if the game has only 2 players, each may have 2 pairs.
  2. If 4 persons are playing, they may form themselves into two sides or play individually.
  3. Where partners are playing, one of either side shall play alternately.
  4. Before commencing play, the number of points to be scored for game (usually 21), is agreed.
  5. Players should spin a coin to decide which player has the option of playing first. The first player in each round shall play the jack and follow with his/her first bowl; the others follow from the same spot, marked with the green mat, in the order agreed upon. The winner of each round leads the following round.
  6. Should the jack be thrown off the edge of the playing area, it should be replaced about 30-40cm (12-18ins) from the edge nearest the point where it went off. Should the jack be knocked off by a bowl in play, that round is ‘dead’ and should be started again from the opposite end.
  7. All bowls not remaining on the carpet, or fouled or impeded by any object, shall be deemed ‘dead’ and may be removed.
  8. The player or side whose bowl remains nearest the jack counts one point, but should two or more bowled by the same player or side be nearer than the opponent’s, a further point for each bowl is counted.
  9. Should 2 players tie for the nearest position, one point each should be scored.
  10. If a bowl is played out of turn it may be replayed in proper order. But if it has touched or moved another bowl, the round may be declared dead and should be replayed.
Weight 96gm
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